Sunday, January 20, 2008

Shake Shack: Perfect as Ever

Went to Shake Shack yesterday for "brunch." This famous burger joint in Madison Square Park was nearly line-less, and it took me but a few minutes to get my shroomburger (a deep-fried mushroom treated as a burger), fries, and a concrete (frozen custard sundae) with caramel and pieces of apple pie in it. Everything was just wonderful. The shroomburger is easily the best "veggie burger" I've ever tasted, by a mile. The crisp outside reveals a melty interior, like they had somehow gotten the mushroom inside to talk to a movie star it had a crush on. The fries were crisp, but somehow had a substantiality and heft that a lot of crisp fries lack. The only downside was the shape, which reminded me way too much of cafeteria fries (they were of the thick rectangular stype with wedges pressed in). The concrete was divine: SS's frozen custard is certainly excellent and soft, and the caramel and pie took it to another level...

This is another amazing Danny Meyer place. I love all his restaurants: Tabla, Eleven Madison Park, and Shake Shack.

Stars: 5/5

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