Saturday, January 12, 2008

Quick Reviews: Ruben's Empanadas; Almond Croissants from Rive-Gauche; Tollhouse Blondies from Mother Fortune; La Maison Hot Chocolate

Ruben's Empanadas: tried a vegetarian chili empanada from this little institution in the East Village. The empanada shell was dry and thick and the filling inside tasted like it could have been frozen food heated up (doesn't mean it's inedible, just at a pretty low level). Not very good.

I tried the next two items from a Dean and Deluca store:

Almond croissants from rive-gauche: doesn't taste much like a croissant should. No shatter effect, too chewy, not enough flakiness. But the almond filling is delicious.

Tollhouse blondies from Mother Fortune: this is more like a big square chunk of poundcake (flavored butterscotch maybe?) and with chocolate chips dotted through it. Good, I guess. Not really a blondie.

I also tried the hot chocolate from La Maison du Chocolat. This is a very civilized drink. I like the midlness, the purity of its chocolate flavor. But it isn't sweet enough, or thick enough for my taste. Very good for what it is, but not really my cup of chocolate.

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