Friday, December 21, 2007

Pret a Manger: A surprisingly good Pain Au Chocolat

Walked by the English chain Pret A Manger today, and had one of their pain au chocolates. It was a surprise: pretty tasty! Granted, the initial flavor was a little dusty or chalky or not perfectly buttery, but the overall taste and, especially, the texture, was good! It had the vaunted "shatter" effect whereby the outer layers of the croissant splintered on bite and inner layers were tender but flaky. Also, the chocolate inside was moist and melty and bittersweet. An excellent pain au chocolate. Possibly the best I've had in the city so far... I've tried Payard and Patisserie Claude for them, and Balthazar and Ceci-Cela for croissants generally, and the latter two are not very good.

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