Thursday, December 20, 2007

Dessert Truck: Scrumptious!

Had a bite a couple of nights ago at the dessert truck (read more here) parked in the evenings at the corner of 8th St. and University Pl. in the Village. I had a hot chocolate and a chocolate bread pudding. The hot chocolate was one of their very last cups (the server said they had already sold 100 that night). The girl in line in front of me very kindly let me have one of these last two cups (she was going to order them both). It was warm and sweet, and tasted like love. A delicious mixture of Valrhona and Guittard chocolates, it was definitely of the chocolate-ganache + cream variety of hot chocolate (the real kind, in other words, not the powder), and was creamy and thick --but not ridiculously so. Definitely sweet, complex flavors. Not overly dark. Excellent, just excellent.

The chocolate bread pudding was also good, though I'm skeptical that I should have had it after the sweeter hot chocolate. Great chocolatey flavor, even better warm, mildly textured mouthfeel, and a tasty vanilla creme anglais to go along with it (though I wish they had given me a little more of it).

All in all, the dessert truck is a beautiful little creation symbolic of New York's creativity and whimsy.

Stars: 5/5

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