Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Aurora: Merely Mediocre

Aurora in Williamsburg is a contemporary Italian restaurant in Williamsburg that has a somewhat trendy feel to it. The main restaurant has an adjoining glass-ceilinged backyard space, much liek taht of August in the West Village. We ordered three salads: beet, pear, and endive, and all were excellent, especially the pear, which had been candied and was now fleshy, tender, and heavy with juice and spices. My entree, a gnocchi in sage and butter, was considerably more disappointing: it was heavy and chewy, and not particularly bursting with flavor. Desserts were decent, not great. A ricotta pie was crumbly and reminded me a lot of a fruitcake. A chocolate-pear dessert did not quite succeed and reminded me most of the filling of a fig newton in taste and texture. I had high hopes for Aurora given the reviews, but in the end this was just another acceptable Italian restaurant.

Stars: 3/5

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