Sunday, February 24, 2008

August for Brunch

I had been to August once before for dinner, but had to leave since they did not have any vegetarian entrees. I went recently for brunch, however, and their selection was much better. August is located in the West Village, on Bleecker St., and has a pretty glass-enclosed backyard with faded walls and an air of faux-age about it.

Service was brisk but efficient. I ordered an egg dish, "eggs en cocette," with roman tomatoes and mozarella. It arrive din a small cast iron pan, as a kind of egg casserole with the above ingredients. Quite tasty. The toast used high-quality, thick Italian bread. I also ordered "swiss potatoes" -- oven-cooked hash browns, also in the cast iron. Tasty stuff.

None of this was mindblowing, but it was all competent, and in a nice setting. I wouldn't hesitate to come back.

Stars: 4/5

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